Today's Birthdays June 19


John Pullain 501 years

Today, John Pullain is 501 years old

William Peterson (MP) 501 years

Today, William Peterson (MP) is 501 years old

Willem Mahue 501 years

Today, Willem Mahue is 501 years old

Celso Sozzini 501 years

Today, Celso Sozzini is 501 years old

Carlo Carafa 501 years

Today, Carlo Carafa is 501 years old

Abdallah al-Ghalib 501 years

Today, Abdallah al-Ghalib is 501 years old

Hubert Waelrant 501 years

Today, Hubert Waelrant is 501 years old

Nicolas de Nicolay 501 years

Today, Nicolas de Nicolay is 501 years old

Nicholas Goudanus 501 years

Today, Nicholas Goudanus is 501 years old

Natsume Yoshinobu 0 years

Today, Natsume Yoshinobu is 0 years old

Francisco de Holanda 500 years

Today, Francisco de Holanda is 500 years old

Francis I Duke of Lorraine 500 years

Today, Francis I Duke of Lorraine is 500 years old

Frances Grey Duchess of Suffolk 500 years

Today, Frances Grey Duchess of Suffolk is 500 years old

Leonardo Fioravanti (doctor) 501 years

Today, Leonardo Fioravanti (doctor) is 501 years old

Amalia of Cleves 500 years

Today, Amalia of Cleves is 500 years old

Jean Hurault de Boistaillé 501 years

Today, Jean Hurault de Boistaillé is 501 years old

Bernard IV Margrave of Baden-Durlach 501 years

Today, Bernard IV Margrave of Baden-Durlach is 501 years old

Bernard Gilpin 501 years

Today, Bernard Gilpin is 501 years old

Benedetto Lomellini 501 years

Today, Benedetto Lomellini is 501 years old

Giovanni Andrea dell' Anguillara 501 years

Today, Giovanni Andrea dell' Anguillara is 501 years old

Gioseffo Zarlino 501 years

Today, Gioseffo Zarlino is 501 years old

Giacomo Gaggini 500 years

Today, Giacomo Gaggini is 500 years old

Gerard van Groesbeeck 501 years

Today, Gerard van Groesbeeck is 501 years old