Today's Birthdays August 21


Cyriacus Spangenberg 490 years

Today, Cyriacus Spangenberg is 490 years old

Costanzo Porta 490 years

Today, Costanzo Porta is 490 years old

Cornelis Kiliaan 490 years

Today, Cornelis Kiliaan is 490 years old

Constantino of Braganza 490 years

Today, Constantino of Braganza is 490 years old

Caterina van Hemessen 490 years

Today, Caterina van Hemessen is 490 years old

Adolf van Meetkercke 490 years

Today, Adolf van Meetkercke is 490 years old

Adam von Bodenstein 490 years

Today, Adam von Bodenstein is 490 years old

Adam Lonicer 489 years

Today, Adam Lonicer is 489 years old

Sakuma Nobumori 490 years

Today, Sakuma Nobumori is 490 years old

Sabina Duchess of Bavaria 0 years

Today, Sabina Duchess of Bavaria is 0 years old

Claude Le Jeune 490 years

Today, Claude Le Jeune is 490 years old

Igram van Achelen 490 years

Today, Igram van Achelen is 490 years old

Honda Hirotaka 490 years

Today, Honda Hirotaka is 490 years old

Nicolas de Thou 490 years

Today, Nicolas de Thou is 490 years old

Francisco Pérez de Valenzuela 489 years

Today, Francisco Pérez de Valenzuela is 489 years old

Francisco Guerrero (composer) 489 years

Today, Francisco Guerrero (composer) is 489 years old

Francesco Calcagno 490 years

Today, Francesco Calcagno is 490 years old

Floris of Montmorency 490 years

Today, Floris of Montmorency is 490 years old

Fernando de Toledo 490 years

Today, Fernando de Toledo is 490 years old

Federico Barocci 490 years

Today, Federico Barocci is 490 years old

Leonor Cortés Moctezuma 490 years

Today, Leonor Cortés Moctezuma is 490 years old

Andrey Kurbsky 0 years

Today, Andrey Kurbsky is 0 years old

Amparo Grisales 489 years

Today, Amparo Grisales is 489 years old