Today's Birthdays March 16


Étienne Pasquier 488 years

Today, Étienne Pasquier is 488 years old

Kim Ahn-ro 0 years

Today, Kim Ahn-ro is 0 years old

William Rede (by 1529–at least 1569) 489 years

Today, William Rede (by 1529–at least 1569) is 489 years old

William Mundy (composer) 489 years

Today, William Mundy (composer) is 489 years old

William Day (bishop) 489 years

Today, William Day (bishop) is 489 years old

William Courtenay (died 1557) 489 years

Today, William Courtenay (died 1557) is 489 years old

William Aubrey 489 years

Today, William Aubrey is 489 years old

Charles II Margrave of Baden-Durlach 488 years

Today, Charles II Margrave of Baden-Durlach is 488 years old

Castore Durante 489 years

Today, Castore Durante is 489 years old

Caspar Hennenberger 489 years

Today, Caspar Hennenberger is 489 years old

Akaike Nagatō 489 years

Today, Akaike Nagatō is 489 years old

Akai Naomasa 489 years

Today, Akai Naomasa is 489 years old

Achyuta Deva Raya 489 years

Today, Achyuta Deva Raya is 489 years old

Abu Abdallah ibn Askar 489 years

Today, Abu Abdallah ibn Askar is 489 years old

Sabina of Brandenburg-Ansbach 488 years

Today, Sabina of Brandenburg-Ansbach is 488 years old

Christopher Barker (printer) 489 years

Today, Christopher Barker (printer) is 489 years old

Ichijō Kanefuyu 489 years

Today, Ichijō Kanefuyu is 489 years old

Honda Shigetsugu 489 years

Today, Honda Shigetsugu is 489 years old

Melchior Lussy 0 years

Today, Melchior Lussy is 0 years old

Matthew Hutton (archbishop of York) 0 years

Today, Matthew Hutton (archbishop of York) is 0 years old

Matsuura Takanobu 489 years

Today, Matsuura Takanobu is 489 years old

Franciscus Patricius 488 years

Today, Franciscus Patricius is 488 years old

Francisco Cabral 489 years

Today, Francisco Cabral is 489 years old