Today's Birthdays March 17


Ōtomo Sōrin 488 years

Today, Ōtomo Sōrin is 488 years old

Étienne de La Boétie 487 years

Today, Étienne de La Boétie is 487 years old

Kikkawa Motoharu 488 years

Today, Kikkawa Motoharu is 488 years old

John William Duke of Saxe-Weimar 488 years

Today, John William Duke of Saxe-Weimar is 488 years old

John Morley (died 1565) 488 years

Today, John Morley (died 1565) is 488 years old

Daniel Count of Waldeck 487 years

Today, Daniel Count of Waldeck is 487 years old

Cornelis van Dalem 488 years

Today, Cornelis van Dalem is 488 years old

William Stevenson (poet) 488 years

Today, William Stevenson (poet) is 488 years old

William Cole (Dean of Lincoln) 488 years

Today, William Cole (Dean of Lincoln) is 488 years old

Cesare da Bagno 488 years

Today, Cesare da Bagno is 488 years old

Cesare I Gonzaga 488 years

Today, Cesare I Gonzaga is 488 years old

Carlo Ruini 488 years

Today, Carlo Ruini is 488 years old

Adam Neuser 488 years

Today, Adam Neuser is 488 years old

Satomi Yoshihiro 0 years

Today, Satomi Yoshihiro is 0 years old

Sabo Bobaljević 488 years

Today, Sabo Bobaljević is 488 years old

Claude Fauchet (historian) 487 years

Today, Claude Fauchet (historian) is 487 years old

Clara van Spaerwoude 488 years

Today, Clara van Spaerwoude is 488 years old

Christopher Báthory 488 years

Today, Christopher Báthory is 488 years old

Charlotte de Laval 488 years

Today, Charlotte de Laval is 488 years old

Charles d'Angennes de Rambouillet 487 years

Today, Charles d'Angennes de Rambouillet is 487 years old

Hugh Morgan (apothecary) 488 years

Today, Hugh Morgan (apothecary) is 488 years old

Hongo Tokihisa 0 years

Today, Hongo Tokihisa is 0 years old

Nikolaus Selnecker 487 years

Today, Nikolaus Selnecker is 487 years old