Today's Birthdays March 17


Kim Myeong-won 484 years

Today, Kim Myeong-won is 484 years old

Katheryn of Berain 0 years

Today, Katheryn of Berain is 0 years old

Karl I Prince of Anhalt-Zerbst 483 years

Today, Karl I Prince of Anhalt-Zerbst is 483 years old

José de Anchieta 483 years

Today, José de Anchieta is 483 years old

John Nelson (martyr) 484 years

Today, John Nelson (martyr) is 484 years old

William Peryam 484 years

Today, William Peryam is 484 years old

William I Count of Schwarzburg-Frankenhausen 483 years

Today, William I Count of Schwarzburg-Frankenhausen is 483 years old

William Harrison (priest) 483 years

Today, William Harrison (priest) is 483 years old

Samuel Eisenmenger 484 years

Today, Samuel Eisenmenger is 484 years old

Saitō Toshimitsu 484 years

Today, Saitō Toshimitsu is 484 years old

Claude de La Baume 484 years

Today, Claude de La Baume is 484 years old

Ibrahim Adil Shah I 484 years

Today, Ibrahim Adil Shah I is 484 years old

Hyakutake Tomokane 0 years

Today, Hyakutake Tomokane is 0 years old

Hugo Blotius 484 years

Today, Hugo Blotius is 484 years old

Hosokawa Fujitaka 484 years

Today, Hosokawa Fujitaka is 484 years old

Nicholas Pieck 483 years

Today, Nicholas Pieck is 483 years old

Martino Longhi the Elder 484 years

Today, Martino Longhi the Elder is 484 years old

Martin de Goiti 484 years

Today, Martin de Goiti is 484 years old

Francisco de Pisa 484 years

Today, Francisco de Pisa is 484 years old

Francis Harvey (MP for Colchester) 484 years

Today, Francis Harvey (MP for Colchester) is 484 years old

Fiach McHugh O'Byrne 484 years

Today, Fiach McHugh O'Byrne is 484 years old

Fernando de las Infantas 484 years

Today, Fernando de las Infantas is 484 years old

Lodovico Agostini 484 years

Today, Lodovico Agostini is 484 years old