Today's Birthdays January 18


Karin Hansdotter 479 years

Today, Karin Hansdotter is 479 years old

José de Acosta 479 years

Today, José de Acosta is 479 years old

John Radcliffe (died 1568) 478 years

Today, John Radcliffe (died 1568) is 478 years old

William Wickham (bishop) 479 years

Today, William Wickham (bishop) is 479 years old

William Darrell of Littlecote 478 years

Today, William Darrell of Littlecote is 478 years old

Chōsokabe Motochika 479 years

Today, Chōsokabe Motochika is 479 years old

Catherine Vasa 478 years

Today, Catherine Vasa is 478 years old

Adam Blackwood 479 years

Today, Adam Blackwood is 479 years old

Salima Sultan Begum 478 years

Today, Salima Sultan Begum is 478 years old

Christoph Pezel 479 years

Today, Christoph Pezel is 479 years old

Ikeda Katsumasa 479 years

Today, Ikeda Katsumasa is 479 years old

Ichijō Nobutatsu 479 years

Today, Ichijō Nobutatsu is 479 years old

Hineno Takayoshi 479 years

Today, Hineno Takayoshi is 479 years old

Nicolò Donato 478 years

Today, Nicolò Donato is 478 years old

Franciscus Raphelengius 479 years

Today, Franciscus Raphelengius is 479 years old

Frances Newton Lady Cobham 479 years

Today, Frances Newton Lady Cobham is 479 years old

François Feuardent 479 years

Today, François Feuardent is 479 years old

Fausto Sozzini 478 years

Today, Fausto Sozzini is 478 years old

Andrzej Sapieha 479 years

Today, Andrzej Sapieha is 479 years old

Andō Chikasue 0 years

Today, Andō Chikasue is 0 years old

Amalia of Neuenahr 478 years

Today, Amalia of Neuenahr is 478 years old

Jidayu Koizumi 479 years

Today, Jidayu Koizumi is 479 years old

Jean de Tournes (1539–1615) 479 years

Today, Jean de Tournes (1539–1615) is 479 years old