Today's Birthdays May 26


Keshavdas 464 years

Today, Keshavdas is 464 years old

John Thynne (died 1604) 463 years

Today, John Thynne (died 1604) is 463 years old

John Phillips (bishop of Sodor and Man) 464 years

Today, John Phillips (bishop of Sodor and Man) is 464 years old

Cristóbal de Rojas 464 years

Today, Cristóbal de Rojas is 464 years old

William Temple (logician) 464 years

Today, William Temple (logician) is 464 years old

William Gager 464 years

Today, William Gager is 464 years old

Charles Frederick of Jülich-Cleves-Berg 464 years

Today, Charles Frederick of Jülich-Cleves-Berg is 464 years old

Carlo Antonio Procaccini 464 years

Today, Carlo Antonio Procaccini is 464 years old

Adam Sędziwój Czarnkowski 464 years

Today, Adam Sędziwój Czarnkowski is 464 years old

Charles Stuart 1st Earl of Lennox 0 years

Today, Charles Stuart 1st Earl of Lennox is 0 years old

Ikoma Kazumasa 464 years

Today, Ikoma Kazumasa is 464 years old

Humphrey Winch 464 years

Today, Humphrey Winch is 464 years old

Nicholas Garlick 0 years

Today, Nicholas Garlick is 0 years old

Nehemias Folan 464 years

Today, Nehemias Folan is 464 years old

Franciscus Haraeus 464 years

Today, Franciscus Haraeus is 464 years old

Francisco Hernández Ortiz-Pizarro 0 years

Today, Francisco Hernández Ortiz-Pizarro is 0 years old

François de Malherbe 464 years

Today, François de Malherbe is 464 years old

François Vranck 464 years

Today, François Vranck is 464 years old

Ferenc Nádasdy 463 years

Today, Ferenc Nádasdy is 463 years old

Lodovico Zacconi 463 years

Today, Lodovico Zacconi is 463 years old

Leonard Wright 464 years

Today, Leonard Wright is 464 years old

Andreas Libavius 464 years

Today, Andreas Libavius is 464 years old

Alonso Lobo 464 years

Today, Alonso Lobo is 464 years old