Today's Birthdays January 18


Ketevan the Martyr 453 years

Today, Ketevan the Martyr is 453 years old

John Spottiswoode 453 years

Today, John Spottiswoode is 453 years old

John Sandford (poet) 453 years

Today, John Sandford (poet) is 453 years old

Cuthbert Burbage 452 years

Today, Cuthbert Burbage is 452 years old

Cornelis de Houtman 452 years

Today, Cornelis de Houtman is 452 years old

Con MacShane O'Neill 453 years

Today, Con MacShane O'Neill is 453 years old

William Barley 453 years

Today, William Barley is 453 years old

Willem Haultain de Zoete 453 years

Today, Willem Haultain de Zoete is 453 years old

Willem Baudartius 452 years

Today, Willem Baudartius is 452 years old

Wilhelm von Essern 453 years

Today, Wilhelm von Essern is 453 years old

Chōsokabe Nobuchika 453 years

Today, Chōsokabe Nobuchika is 453 years old

Canonicus 453 years

Today, Canonicus is 453 years old

Camillo Mariani 453 years

Today, Camillo Mariani is 453 years old

Camillo Graffico 453 years

Today, Camillo Graffico is 453 years old

Agustín del Castillo 453 years

Today, Agustín del Castillo is 453 years old

Agostino Ciampelli 452 years

Today, Agostino Ciampelli is 452 years old

Aernout van Buchel 453 years

Today, Aernout van Buchel is 453 years old

Christina of Lorraine 452 years

Today, Christina of Lorraine is 452 years old

Cheng Jiasui 453 years

Today, Cheng Jiasui is 453 years old

Ikeda Terumasa 452 years

Today, Ikeda Terumasa is 452 years old

Hugh Hamersley 452 years

Today, Hugh Hamersley is 452 years old

Horace Vere 1st Baron Vere of Tilbury 453 years

Today, Horace Vere 1st Baron Vere of Tilbury is 453 years old

Nichiō 453 years

Today, Nichiō is 453 years old