Today's Birthdays May 26


William Laud 445 years

Today, William Laud is 445 years old

William Gouge 446 years

Today, William Gouge is 446 years old

William Frankland (died 1640) 446 years

Today, William Frankland (died 1640) is 446 years old

Willem Cornelisz. van Muyden 446 years

Today, Willem Cornelisz. van Muyden is 446 years old

Cesarina Ricci de Tingoli 446 years

Today, Cesarina Ricci de Tingoli is 446 years old

Catherine de Lorraine 445 years

Today, Catherine de Lorraine is 445 years old

Ahn Bang-jun 445 years

Today, Ahn Bang-jun is 445 years old

Agnes Hedwig of Anhalt 446 years

Today, Agnes Hedwig of Anhalt is 446 years old

Abraham Janssens 446 years

Today, Abraham Janssens is 446 years old

Samuel Rowlands 446 years

Today, Samuel Rowlands is 446 years old

Christoph Scheiner 445 years

Today, Christoph Scheiner is 445 years old

Christina of Holstein-Gottorp 446 years

Today, Christina of Holstein-Gottorp is 446 years old

Chey Chettha II 446 years

Today, Chey Chettha II is 446 years old

Charles de Valois Duke of Angoulême 446 years

Today, Charles de Valois Duke of Angoulême is 446 years old

Humphrey May 446 years

Today, Humphrey May is 446 years old

Maximilian I Elector of Bavaria 446 years

Today, Maximilian I Elector of Bavaria is 446 years old

Mathurin Régnier 445 years

Today, Mathurin Régnier is 445 years old

Francisco de Ávila 446 years

Today, Francisco de Ávila is 446 years old

Francis Popham 446 years

Today, Francis Popham is 446 years old

François Annibal d'Estrées 446 years

Today, François Annibal d'Estrées is 446 years old

Levan of Imereti 0 years

Today, Levan of Imereti is 0 years old

Andries de Witt 445 years

Today, Andries de Witt is 445 years old

Ambrosius Bosschaert 446 years

Today, Ambrosius Bosschaert is 446 years old