Today's Birthdays March 23


Kemankeş Mustafa Pasha 427 years

Today, Kemankeş Mustafa Pasha is 427 years old

Jonasz Szlichtyng 427 years

Today, Jonasz Szlichtyng is 427 years old

John Wheelwright 427 years

Today, John Wheelwright is 427 years old

John Southworth (martyr) 427 years

Today, John Southworth (martyr) is 427 years old

John Oldham (colonist) 427 years

Today, John Oldham (colonist) is 427 years old

Cornelis de Wael 427 years

Today, Cornelis de Wael is 427 years old

Cornelis Thymenszoon Padbrué 427 years

Today, Cornelis Thymenszoon Padbrué is 427 years old

William of Nassau-Hilchenbach 426 years

Today, William of Nassau-Hilchenbach is 426 years old

William Cavendish 1st Duke of Newcastle 426 years

Today, William Cavendish 1st Duke of Newcastle is 426 years old

Willem Pieterszoon Buytewech 427 years

Today, Willem Pieterszoon Buytewech is 427 years old

Wilhelm Schickard 426 years

Today, Wilhelm Schickard is 426 years old

Charles Chauncy 426 years

Today, Charles Chauncy is 426 years old

Chajim Fürst 427 years

Today, Chajim Fürst is 427 years old

Cesare II Gonzaga Duke of Guastalla 0 years

Today, Cesare II Gonzaga Duke of Guastalla is 0 years old

Catalina de Erauso 427 years

Today, Catalina de Erauso is 427 years old

Carlo de Tocco 426 years

Today, Carlo de Tocco is 426 years old

Ahmed Sudi 427 years

Today, Ahmed Sudi is 427 years old

Abraham Elzevir 427 years

Today, Abraham Elzevir is 427 years old

Sara Copia Sullam 427 years

Today, Sara Copia Sullam is 427 years old

Samuel Przypkowski 427 years

Today, Samuel Przypkowski is 427 years old

Clas Fleming (admiral) 427 years

Today, Clas Fleming (admiral) is 427 years old

Claes Corneliszoon Moeyaert 427 years

Today, Claes Corneliszoon Moeyaert is 427 years old

Christopher Wandesford 426 years

Today, Christopher Wandesford is 426 years old