Today's Birthdays June 24


Ōkido Moriemon 139 years

Today, Ōkido Moriemon is 139 years old

Østen Østensen 139 years

Today, Østen Østensen is 139 years old

Ömer Lütfi Yasan 140 years

Today, Ömer Lütfi Yasan is 140 years old

Ödön Márffy 139 years

Today, Ödön Márffy is 139 years old

Ödön Beniczky 140 years

Today, Ödön Beniczky is 140 years old

Óscar Moreno 139 years

Today, Óscar Moreno is 139 years old

Émilie Charmy 140 years

Today, Émilie Charmy is 140 years old

Émile Vuillermoz 140 years

Today, Émile Vuillermoz is 140 years old

Émile Rumeau 140 years

Today, Émile Rumeau is 140 years old

Émile Gontier 140 years

Today, Émile Gontier is 140 years old

Émile Fortin 140 years

Today, Émile Fortin is 140 years old

Émile Desportes 140 years

Today, Émile Desportes is 140 years old

Émile Cammaerts 140 years

Today, Émile Cammaerts is 140 years old

Árpád Szabó 139 years

Today, Árpád Szabó is 139 years old

Álvaro de Castro 139 years

Today, Álvaro de Castro is 139 years old

Kingsley Benedict 139 years

Today, Kingsley Benedict is 139 years old

Khudadat Rafibeyli 140 years

Today, Khudadat Rafibeyli is 140 years old

Kheireddine Abdul Wahab 140 years

Today, Kheireddine Abdul Wahab is 140 years old

Khanlar Safaraliyev 140 years

Today, Khanlar Safaraliyev is 140 years old

Khalil al-Sakakini 140 years

Today, Khalil al-Sakakini is 140 years old

Ketoli Chengappa 140 years

Today, Ketoli Chengappa is 140 years old

Kerr Grant 139 years

Today, Kerr Grant is 139 years old

Kenneth Evans (bishop of Ontario) 139 years

Today, Kenneth Evans (bishop of Ontario) is 139 years old