Today's Birthdays June 17


Šarlote Lēnmane 20 years

Today, Šarlote Lēnmane is 20 years old

Kimberly Birrell 20 years

Today, Kimberly Birrell is 20 years old

Kim Tae-kyung 20 years

Today, Kim Tae-kyung is 20 years old

Kim Su-ji 20 years

Today, Kim Su-ji is 20 years old

Kieran Goodwin 20 years

Today, Kieran Goodwin is 20 years old

Kidnapping of Shannon Matthews 19 years

Today, Kidnapping of Shannon Matthews is 19 years old

Kiara Muhammad 19 years

Today, Kiara Muhammad is 19 years old

Khamani Griffin 19 years

Today, Khamani Griffin is 19 years old

Kesz Váldez 19 years

Today, Kesz Váldez is 19 years old

Kerris Dorsey 20 years

Today, Kerris Dorsey is 20 years old

Katie Burke 19 years

Today, Katie Burke is 19 years old

Karen Iwata 20 years

Today, Karen Iwata is 20 years old

Josenid 19 years

Today, Josenid is 19 years old

Jordana Beatty 20 years

Today, Jordana Beatty is 20 years old

Jordan Jansen 20 years

Today, Jordan Jansen is 20 years old

Jordan Allan 19 years

Today, Jordan Allan is 19 years old

Johnny Bennett 19 years

Today, Johnny Bennett is 19 years old

Daniel-Leon Kit 20 years

Today, Daniel-Leon Kit is 20 years old

Dalma Gálfi 19 years

Today, Dalma Gálfi is 19 years old

Coy Stewart 19 years

Today, Coy Stewart is 19 years old

Cole Custer 20 years

Today, Cole Custer is 20 years old

Coco Jones 20 years

Today, Coco Jones is 20 years old

Chandler Frantz 19 years

Today, Chandler Frantz is 19 years old