Today's Birthdays October 18


Saintin de Meaux 0 years

Today, Saintin de Meaux is 0 years old

Saint Spyridon 1748 years

Today, Saint Spyridon is 1748 years old

Maximinus II 1748 years

Today, Maximinus II is 1748 years old

Rava (amora) 1748 years

Today, Rava (amora) is 1748 years old

Aphrahat 1748 years

Today, Aphrahat is 1748 years old

Demetrius of Thessaloniki 0 years

Today, Demetrius of Thessaloniki is 0 years old

Pelagius of Constance 1748 years

Today, Pelagius of Constance is 1748 years old

Macrina the Elder 0 years

Today, Macrina the Elder is 0 years old