Today's Birthdays October 20


Kevin Brown (actor) 0 years

Today, Kevin Brown (actor) is 0 years old

Kelly Dorji 0 years

Today, Kelly Dorji is 0 years old

Josan Sandeep 0 years

Today, Josan Sandeep is 0 years old

John the Warrior 0 years

Today, John the Warrior is 0 years old

Corey Hébert 2014 years

Today, Corey Hébert is 2014 years old

Castor of Apt 0 years

Today, Castor of Apt is 0 years old

Carmen Warschaw 2014 years

Today, Carmen Warschaw is 2014 years old

Akiko Kōmoto 0 years

Today, Akiko Kōmoto is 0 years old

Akhraten 2014 years

Today, Akhraten is 2014 years old

Afrig 2014 years

Today, Afrig is 2014 years old

Abraham the Poor 0 years

Today, Abraham the Poor is 0 years old

Abanoub 0 years

Today, Abanoub is 0 years old

Aaron the Illustrious 0 years

Today, Aaron the Illustrious is 0 years old

Sameh Zakout 2014 years

Today, Sameh Zakout is 2014 years old

Saint Bibiana 0 years

Today, Saint Bibiana is 0 years old

Chromatius 0 years

Today, Chromatius is 0 years old

Christopher Riddle 2014 years

Today, Christopher Riddle is 2014 years old

Imam Muhammad Anwaarullah Farooqui 0 years

Today, Imam Muhammad Anwaarullah Farooqui is 0 years old

Nicky Shane 2014 years

Today, Nicky Shane is 2014 years old

Neaira (hetaera) 2014 years

Today, Neaira (hetaera) is 2014 years old

Naukydes of Argos 2014 years

Today, Naukydes of Argos is 2014 years old

Frank M. Angellotti 2014 years

Today, Frank M. Angellotti is 2014 years old

Liberalis of Treviso 0 years

Today, Liberalis of Treviso is 0 years old