Today's Birthdays October 20


Kasthuri Raja 0 years

Today, Kasthuri Raja is 0 years old

Jon Rubin 2011 years

Today, Jon Rubin is 2011 years old

Daniel 0 years

Today, Daniel is 0 years old

Cypselus 2011 years

Today, Cypselus is 2011 years old

Curetán 0 years

Today, Curetán is 0 years old

Clive Campbell (footballer) 2011 years

Today, Clive Campbell (footballer) is 2011 years old

William Lamb (Confederate States Army officer) 2011 years

Today, William Lamb (Confederate States Army officer) is 2011 years old

Charles Perry (Canadian politician) 2011 years

Today, Charles Perry (Canadian politician) is 2011 years old

Abbo II of Metz 2011 years

Today, Abbo II of Metz is 2011 years old

Saritha 0 years

Today, Saritha is 0 years old

Sapan Saran 0 years

Today, Sapan Saran is 0 years old

Sangeetha Rajeshwaran 2011 years

Today, Sangeetha Rajeshwaran is 2011 years old

Saint Totnan 0 years

Today, Saint Totnan is 0 years old

Saint Gelert 0 years

Today, Saint Gelert is 0 years old

Saint Fiacre 0 years

Today, Saint Fiacre is 0 years old

Saint Conan 0 years

Today, Saint Conan is 0 years old

Saint Colman (martyr) 0 years

Today, Saint Colman (martyr) is 0 years old

Saint Africus 0 years

Today, Saint Africus is 0 years old

Hernani Almeida 2011 years

Today, Hernani Almeida is 2011 years old

Nupur Mehta 2011 years

Today, Nupur Mehta is 2011 years old

Melvin Morris 2011 years

Today, Melvin Morris is 2011 years old

Mauros 2011 years

Today, Mauros is 2011 years old

License Plate Guy 0 years

Today, License Plate Guy is 0 years old