Today's Birthdays March 18


Abbas Ibn Firnas 1208 years

Today, Abbas Ibn Firnas is 1208 years old

Anastasius Bibliothecarius 1208 years

Today, Anastasius Bibliothecarius is 1208 years old

Bivin of Gorze 0 years

Today, Bivin of Gorze is 0 years old

Muhammad al-Bukhari 1207 years

Today, Muhammad al-Bukhari is 1207 years old

Joseph the Hymnographer 0 years

Today, Joseph the Hymnographer is 0 years old

Minamoto no Makoto 1208 years

Today, Minamoto no Makoto is 1208 years old

Halfdan the Black 1208 years

Today, Halfdan the Black is 1208 years old