Today's Birthdays March 23


Ki no Tokibumi 1097 years

Today, Ki no Tokibumi is 1097 years old

Ibn Abi Zayd 1097 years

Today, Ibn Abi Zayd is 1097 years old

Liutprand of Cremona 1097 years

Today, Liutprand of Cremona is 1097 years old

Wang Pu (chancellor) 1097 years

Today, Wang Pu (chancellor) is 1097 years old

Hedwig of Nordgau 0 years

Today, Hedwig of Nordgau is 0 years old

Siegfried of Luxembourg 0 years

Today, Siegfried of Luxembourg is 0 years old

Emperor Suzaku 1096 years

Today, Emperor Suzaku is 1096 years old