Today's Birthdays March 22


Æthelred the Unready 1051 years

Today, Æthelred the Unready is 1051 years old

Princess Pan 1051 years

Today, Princess Pan is 1051 years old

Sigrid the Haughty 1051 years

Today, Sigrid the Haughty is 1051 years old

Minamoto no Yorinobu 1050 years

Today, Minamoto no Yorinobu is 1050 years old

Romanos III Argyros 1051 years

Today, Romanos III Argyros is 1051 years old

Empress Liu (Zhenzong) 1051 years

Today, Empress Liu (Zhenzong) is 1051 years old

Emperor Zhenzong of Song 1050 years

Today, Emperor Zhenzong of Song is 1050 years old