Zaki Rostom actorin 55 films

BirthdayThursday, March 05, 1903
Countdown Days left until next birthday: 41
BirthplaceCairo, Egypt
Age68 years old (Dead 02/16/1972)
Birth SignPisces

About Zaki Rostom

Zaki Rostom, born in Cairo, Egypt (68 years old) (Arabic: زكي رستم‎) (1903–1972) Zaki Moharram Mahmoud Rostom Egyptian actor belongs to a school of integration and is one of the most important actor of the Egyptian cinema.Zaki Rostom, born in Cairo, Egypt (68 years old) was born on March 5 1903 to aristocratic family of prominent position in Egypt where his father and grandfather were (Pashas) of Egypt his father was appointed minister in the era of Khedive Ismail died when Zaki is still a young boy .He was brought up by a friend of his father Mustafa Najib the father of the artist Suliman Najib (1892–1955) where a strong relationship started between him and some artists of the theatre at that time including the artist Abdul Warith Assar (1894–1982).His hobby of acting started when he was a student in the baccalaureate; in 1924 he joined the National theatre group and in 1925 joined the Ramses theatre group.Zaki Rostom, born in Cairo, Egypt (68 years old) took variety of roles with the strongest competitor in the River of Love and is also a loving father to his children humble in I and my daughters The evil roles and excelled even his hatred of people and thought that it already is evil but he is light as well as the roles that distinguish them gently in my heart like a film role (Yasmin) in 1950.Zaki Rostom, born in Cairo, Egypt (68 years old) played in a number of films including the conflict in the valley with Omar Sharif and Faten Hamama also in the movie River of Lovewith same actors and also in the film Where I am with the artist Magda and I the past with Faten Hamama Imad Hamdi .In his last 10 years of his life he suffered from hearing impairment and severe depression he lived in isolation until suffering a heart attack; he died on February 16 of 1972 at the age of 68 years

When is Zaki Rostom's birthday?

Zaki Rostom was born on the , which was a Thursday. Zaki Rostom will be turning 69 in only 41 days from today.

How old is Zaki Rostom?

When Zaki Rostom died, Zaki Rostom was 68 years old.

What is Zaki Rostom's zodiac sign?

Zaki Rostom's zodiac sign is Pisces.

Where was Zaki Rostom born?

Zaki Rostom was born in Cairo, Egypt.

What is Zaki Rostom's birth name?

Zaki Rostom's birth name is Zaki Moharram Mahmoud Rostom.

Is Zaki Rostom still alive?

No, Zaki Rostom died on 02/16/1972.

Alias: Rostom Zaki Moharram Mahmoud

BirthName: Zaki Moharram Mahmoud Rostom

DeathPlace: Cairo, Egypt

Occupation: Actor,

Tags: Person, Q215627, Q5, DUL.Agent, DUL.NaturalActor109765278, CausalAgent100007347, Entertainer109616922, LivingThing100004258, Object100002684, Organism100004475, Performer110415638, Person100007846, Whole100003553, YagoLegalActorG

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