William Thomas (Gwilym Marles) 183 years

William Thomas (Gwilym Marles) is 45 years old

William Miller (poet) 207 years

William Miller (poet) is 62 years old

William Julius Mickle 282 years

William Julius Mickle is 53 years old

William Ambrose (Emrys) 204 years

William Ambrose (Emrys) is 60 years old

Violet Fane 174 years

Violet Fane is 62 years old

Twm Morys 56 years

Twm Morys is 56 years old

Theodore Maynard 127 years

Theodore Maynard is 66 years old

Robert Elis 205 years

Robert Elis is 63 years old

Richard Davies (Mynyddog) 184 years

Richard Davies (Mynyddog) is 44 years old

Owen Wynne Jones 189 years

Owen Wynne Jones is 42 years old

Owain Owain 87 years

Owain Owain is 63 years old

John Thomas Job 149 years

John Thomas Job is 71 years old

John Row (poet) 70 years

John Row (poet) is 70 years old

John Richard Williams (poet) 149 years

John Richard Williams (poet) is 56 years old

John Blackwell (Alun) 220 years

John Blackwell (Alun) is 44 years old

Iris Tree 120 years

Iris Tree is 71 years old

I. D. Ffraid 203 years

I. D. Ffraid is 61 years old

Henry Scott Riddell 218 years

Henry Scott Riddell is 71 years old

Henry Adamson 436 years

Henry Adamson is 58 years old

Eliseus Williams 149 years

Eliseus Williams is 59 years old

Dic Goodman 97 years

Dic Goodman is 97 years old

Denys Corbet 190 years

Denys Corbet is 82 years old

Christopher Reid 67 years

Christopher Reid is 67 years old

Aonghas MacNeacail 75 years

Aonghas MacNeacail is 75 years old

Antony Dunn 43 years

Antony Dunn is 43 years old

Frederick Tennyson 209 years

Frederick Tennyson is 90 years old

Joyce Mansour 88 years

Joyce Mansour is 58 years old

David Richards (Dafydd Ionawr) 266 years

David Richards (Dafydd Ionawr) is 76 years old

Sidney Patrick Shelley 137 years

Sidney Patrick Shelley is 84 years old

John Walters (priest and poet) 256 years

John Walters (priest and poet) is 29 years old