Today's Birthdays January 18


Éléonore de Bourbon 431 years

Today, Éléonore de Bourbon is 431 years old

Khusrau Mirza 431 years

Today, Khusrau Mirza is 431 years old

Kasper Doenhoff 432 years

Today, Kasper Doenhoff is 432 years old

Kaspar von Barth 431 years

Today, Kaspar von Barth is 431 years old

Karma Phuntsok Namgyal 432 years

Today, Karma Phuntsok Namgyal is 432 years old

Joris van Schooten 432 years

Today, Joris van Schooten is 432 years old

Joost van den Vondel 431 years

Today, Joost van den Vondel is 431 years old

John Winthrop 432 years

Today, John Winthrop is 432 years old

John Preston (clergyman) 432 years

Today, John Preston (clergyman) is 432 years old

Countess Juliane of Nassau-Dillenburg 431 years

Today, Countess Juliane of Nassau-Dillenburg is 431 years old

William Austin (writer) 432 years

Today, William Austin (writer) is 432 years old

Willem Ysbrandtsz. Bontekoe 431 years

Today, Willem Ysbrandtsz. Bontekoe is 431 years old

Charles Lallemant 431 years

Today, Charles Lallemant is 431 years old

Agostino Bernal 432 years

Today, Agostino Bernal is 432 years old

Adriaen van Nieulandt the younger 432 years

Today, Adriaen van Nieulandt the younger is 432 years old

Abraham van der Haagen 431 years

Today, Abraham van der Haagen is 431 years old

Samuel Scheidt 431 years

Today, Samuel Scheidt is 431 years old

Samuel Hafenreffer 432 years

Today, Samuel Hafenreffer is 432 years old

Sakai Tadakatsu 432 years

Today, Sakai Tadakatsu is 432 years old

Claes Jansz. Visscher 432 years

Today, Claes Jansz. Visscher is 432 years old

Claes Gerritszoon Compaen 432 years

Today, Claes Gerritszoon Compaen is 432 years old

Christian William of Brandenburg 431 years

Today, Christian William of Brandenburg is 431 years old

Nathan Field 431 years

Today, Nathan Field is 431 years old